Sunday, April 10, 2016

Halloween Advent Calendar from Dan Morris' Creepy Hollow and Quilting Treasures

        This week we are excited to post a project that you would normally not see for Halloween. It's Halloween Advent Calendar.  I like that Quilting Treasures and Dan Morris designed this, because families with small children would enjoy counting down the days until Halloween. 

The kit for this project comes with everything you need except for the batting. You can purchase a kit here. CLICK HERE FOR KIT 

To begin, we are going to trim the panel down and remove the excess sides so that we just have the orange triangles.

From the Second Piece of Fabric in the Kit, Cut Out Around each square. There will be 40 Squares. 

Once you have trimmed the squares, you will want to spray them with starch, and fold back the edges to the orange line that surrounds each picture. Press with Cotton Setting on Your Iron. 
Once you have them all pressed, it is time to layer the project for sewing. I used single sided fusible batting from Quilters Dream. I pressed the panel onto the fusible side of the batting. Make sure it is smooth and has adhered to the batting.
 Then I flipped it over, sprayed the batting with 505 Adhesive and smoothed the background on, which for our project is the Jack O'Lanterns.
 Once the front and back are adhered to the batting, you will take your pressed and starched fabric squares and match them to the pictures on the panel. Pin In Place. Take the project over to the sewing machine and stitch through all 3 layers, while leaving the top of each pocket open.

Once you have cut the Candy Corn Fabric for the binding, attach it down with the sewing machine and then fold to the back and hand stitch in place. 

You can either sew a sleeve on the back or hang with tacks. 

ENJOY !!! 

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