Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Home for the Holidays Christmas Stockings Project from Kimberlys Fabric Stash

Home for the Holidays Stocking Project 
by Kimberly Chaffee 
Kimberly's Fabric Stash 

         I was excited to receive the complete line of Home for the Holidays from Northcott Fabrics a couple of weeks back. Yes, Christmas comes to us in the lovely month of May.  When others are excited to put in their gardens, my eyes light up, and my heart flutters for the UPS truck bringing me Christmas Fabric. 
        The line boasts birds, plaids, poinsettia's, stripes, and easy cut out patterns for stockings and an apron. The stockings are sold as a set of two, as you see pictured. You get a front and a back of each stocking. The white stocking depicts the birds, and the black background has the plaid with the poinsettia. 

       Since the panel only has the front and the back of the stocking, I thought we should make an easy tutorial on how to make the stocking with batting and lining. 

505 Basting Spray
Fusible Batting from Quilters Dream (THE BEST) 
Fabric for lining- 1 yard 
Bias Tape Maker 

 First, Iron the stocking panel to the fusible batting. Give it a good press. Let it Cool.
 Second, Flip the stocking/batting piece over, and spray with 505 adhesive. Smooth your 2/3 yard piece over that. Trim off the extra fabric and set aside, we will be using that for binding.

 Third, cut out the stockings. I have flipped over the back of each stocking to show you the lining.
 Fourth, Take your extra lining fabric from step 3, and cut 8- 2" wide strips on the bias. That would be on the diagonal.  Why? Because the stocking has curves, and we need to have the bias stretch around those curves.  Then sew all the strips together to make one long strip.

Cut 2- 4 1/2" strips. Set aside for the Stockings Loop.

 Fifth- Take your 1" Clover Bias and push it thru your bias tape maker. Use a hot iron to press in the folds as you pull it along.
Next, take some of the bias tape you made and sew it along the top edge of each stocking front and back. Trim even with each side. Place stocking front and back together with the lining sides together. Pin in place, making sure it is all even. 

Take the 4 1/2" Loop fold in half lengthwise, press, open, fold in each side lengthwise again, and then fold in half. Press. Stitch. 

Optional Step:  Glue Baste the binding down, allow it to dry, and then topstitch it in place.

Topstitch the Binding to the Stocking front and back. ** BE SURE TO ADD THE LOOP about 1" in from the back edge of stocking. I used a zigzag stitch, to attach the binding,  but you can choose whichever you would like. 

Give everything a nice press and enjoy !!! 

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