Thursday, July 14, 2016

Home for the Holidays Apron from Henry Glass

Hi Everyone, 
I wanted to share with you the apron we put together from the new collection Home for the Holidays by Henry Glass.

It uses a panel and putting it together is quite simple.  



1.  Cut out all around the apron. Cut out the ties and neck loop.  

2. Iron the creases out of the backing fabric. I use best press, it does a good job of removing the fold line from the bolt. 

3. Cut out the ties and follow the directions for making them on the panel. Cut out the neck loop and follow the directions for that also. 

4. Lay the Apron right sides together with the backing fabric. Pin in place and cut out. 

5. Sew right sides together and leave an opening about 3" wide at the bottom for turning.

6. Turn right side out and press. Sew Shut the opening with a hidden stitch. 

7. Attach the Neck Loop. 

8. Attach the Ties. 

9. Make 2 covered buttons from the backing fabric following the directions on the package. 

10. Attach the buttons at the top where the neck loop is. (See picture for placement)  

11. Attach the rick rack with a small zig zag stitch to the bottom of the apron. Also attach at the middle of the apron when the black line is. (see picture for details) 

Give everything a final press and ENJOY !! 

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