Thursday, August 4, 2016

Back to School Virtues

Back to School Virtues
By Mrs. Kimberly Chaffee

Marked by last minute vacations, and family reunions, August is also known as the back to school inventory month.  Most parents realize the need for school supplies, and thus become inventory takers, making long lists on the backs of envelopes, legal pads, or sticky notes. Once their lists are made, they begin checking off items to ensure that Marie has not outgrown her good shoes, or Michael’s blue jeans actually reach the top of his sneakers,
 We want our children to succeed, be happy, comfortable and prepared for the school days ahead of them. With inventory lists in hand, we purchase new backpacks, lunch bags, scientific calculators, folders, and pencils to help them learn and retain information.
There are other inventory items important to your child’s success. These items cannot be bought in a store and therefore do not cost any money. They are just as important, if not more, as the new shoes or the new sweater.  Taking an inventory of your child’s virtues can help them throughout the school year. This list, when followed, discussed and put into action, will help them to succeed, be happy, content, good citizens, and prepared for life not only at school, but outside of school as well.

1.     Love- Unselfish, loyal and benevolent concern for the well being another
2.     Peace-Tranquility, rest, harmony, the absence of agitation or discord
3.     Patience-Ability to endure persecution and ill-treatment
4.     Kindness-goodness in action, sweetness of disposition, affability
5.     Goodness-Ready to do good, love in action
6.     Gentleness-Gracious, kindly disposition, controlled strength
7.     Self Control-Restraint or discipline exercised over one’s behavior
8.     Faithfulness-Dependability, loyalty and stability
9.     Joy-Great delight, gladness of heart

Each of these virtues can and should find a place in the heart of your child. Children are followers of everything around them, whether the circumstances are good or bad. While we are busy trying to get everyday tasks done, we need to remind ourselves that the most important task is raising children full of virtues. Even in a bad circumstance, virtues can help them overcome obstacles in their path.
I encourage you to sit down and talk with your children about these virtues. If they are old enough, ask them to evaluate themeselves, and see if they are able to see where they may need to improve in certain areas. It is important to proceed with love and kindness while taking an inventory of this list. Young children will need examples. Middle school and high school children should be able to identify their own examples through friends and acquaintances. 

August is the month that we focus on inventory of what they have and will need from the store for a successful school year. Be sure to also take an inventory of your child’s virtues. These cannot be bought in a store and putting the list into action will help them become good, respectful, and decent people.

Here are two pictures we have created to help your child to remember their virtues. Please feel free to print them out and hang them where your child will see them. If you are seeking a Bible verse to help you see Galations 5:22 - The FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT